Ways we can help

Priority Services Register

If someone in your household is of pensionable age, disabled, has a long term illness or if there are children under 5 we can offer additional support. 

We also recognise that people can be vulnerable because of life changing events such as bereavement, relationship breakdown, job loss, recovery from hospital treatment or living independently for the first time.

See our ways we can help booklet (pdf) for more information.

If you're struggling to pay your bills

We can help in lots of ways. If you're having trouble paying your gas or electricity bill, our ways to pay booklet might help you work out your options.

Let us know as soon as possible if you don't think you can pay your bill by logging in and contacting us on webchat.

Things to tell us

We want to understand what the problem is, so when you phone please tell us if:

  1. Your circumstances have changed.
  2. You need more time to pay.
  3. You're elderly, or have a disability or long term illness.
  4. You're renting, the debt is in your landlord's name and you pay them for your gas or electricity (also tell your local authority).
  5. You get benefits.

Ways we can help

We'll look at how much you can pay towards your debt and if we can help. Once we've listened and understood how things stand we can:

  1. Work out if you can pay your bill in parts.
  2. Agree on a better payment method or tariff for you where possible.
  3. Give you advice on how to reduce how much energy you use to save you money.
  4. Check if you can get help from the Fuel Direct scheme if you're on benefits.

Need more help?

Find out more about people that can help you if you're having trouble paying:

  1. Money Advice Service (or call 0300 500 5000)
  2. National Debtline (or call 0808 808 4000)
  3. Citizens Advice (or call 03454 040506)
  4. My Money Steps (or call 0808 808 4000)
  5. StepChange Debt Charity (or call 0800 138 1111)

The British Gas Energy Trust is an independent charity we set up to offer advice, assistance and grants to people who are struggling to pay their bills.

Turn2us is a national charity that can help people in financial hardship gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and support services.