How to switch energy supplier

We’ve signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee which lets you switch with confidence. If you decide to switch gas and electricity to us, then we'll make sure it's quick and easy.

Switch to British Gas Evolve

We’ve signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee. This is a national scheme that aims to make switching your energy quick and easy. It promises:

Energy Switch Guarantee member logo
  • You won’t be cut off
  • No one needs to come to your home
  • Switching will take 21 days or less
  • We’ll work with your current provider to make sure you’re not charged twice for the same energy

You can switch to us in three easy steps.

Step 1: Get a quote

Enter your postcode in the box below and we’ll show you which energy tariffs are available for you to switch to. We offer tariffs for both dual fuel and electricity or gas only. Once you've told us you want to switch to us, we'll send you a welcome pack.

    Step 2: We’ll contact your current supplier

    We'll handle everything and send you updates about your switch. There'll be no disruption to your home or energy supply. You'll have a 14 day cooling off period if you change your mind.

    Step 3: You send us a meter reading

    Before your switch date, we'll email you to ask for a meter reading. You can provide this in your online account. We use this to work out when your current supplier stops charging you for energy, and we start.

    If you don't get a reading to us, we'll work out an estimate with your current supplier.

    How do I switch energy supplier if I’m moving home?

    When you’re moving there’s lots to do. But making sure you’re not paying too much for your energy should be a priority. Read our step by step guide on how to switch to British Gas Evolve if you’re moving home.

    Before you move home

    Step 1: Contact your current energy supplier

    Tell them the date of your move and your new address. 

    If you're moving out of a home supplied by British Gas Evolve, then please sign in to your account and contact us on webchat to let us know.

    Step 2: Take a final meter reading

    Give your final meter reading to your current supplier. Your supplier will send you a final bill once you’ve moved.

    After you move home

    The energy company that currently supplies your new home will keep supplying you. Until you agree a new tariff, you’ll usually be on a variable tariff which can be more expensive.

    Step 1: Find out who supplies your new home

    The last owner or tenant may have left this information, or you can check with the estate agent or landlord. Ofgem (The Energy Regulator) also has information on how you can find out who your gas or electricity supplier is.

    If you’ve moved into a home already supplied by British Gas Evolve, then contact us. We’d love you to stay with us and won’t charge you to switch tariffs.

    Step 2: Take meter readings at your new home

    You’ll need to give these to the give the current supplier of the property

    Step 3: Get a quote from us

    Because you won't know how much gas and electricity you’ll use in your new home, we can estimate based on your property type and household size. We’ll send you a welcome pack once you've told us you want to switch to us.

    Step 4: We’ll contact your current supplier

    We’ll agree a date to switch you over with your current supplier

    Step 5: You give us a meter reading

    We’ll email to ask for a meter reading. You can provide this in your online account.

    Frequently asked questions about switching

    Will I be charged cancellation fees?

    Some suppliers will charge you an exit fee if you’re leaving a tariff early. If you switch within 49 days of the end of your contract, or are on a variable tariff, they are not allowed to charge you an exit fee.

    Do I need to contact my current supplier to tell them I’m switching?

    We’ll do it for you. We'll contact your old supplier to let them know about your switch.

    We’ll need a meter reading from you, so we can agree when we'll start billing you for your energy, and your old supplier will stop.

    Once you’ve switched, your old supplier will send your final bill to close your account (or give you any credit back).

    Do you support prepayment meters?

    If you’re on a prepayment meter, then currently you can’t switch to us. But you can check out the range of tariffs available from British Gas.

    What happens if I'm in credit or in debt with my current supplier?

    If you’re in credit, your current supplier will transfer the credit once they’ve sent your final bill.

    If you've been in debt to your supplier for less than 28 days you can still switch. What you owe will be added to your final bill.

    If you've been in debt to your current supplier for over 28 days, you'll need to repay the debt first, or they could object to you switching.

    When will I get a final bill from my old supplier?

    It usually happens in four to six weeks after your energy supply is switched.

    What’s the Energy Switch Guarantee?

    Energy providers developed the Energy Switch Guarantee to make switching your energy account from one energy provider to another simple, reliable and hassle-free. It means if there are any problems with your switch, your new provider will contact you as soon as possible and will be responsible for putting the matter right. We’ve signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee so you can switch with absolute confidence.