Gas and electricity tariffs

Compare our energy tariffs to find the right deal for you

Our gas and electricity tariffs and deals explained

Whether you want to go greener or fix your prices for peace of mind, we have a range of gas and electricity tariffs to suit you.

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    The Fixed One

    With our fixed tariff, your rate won’t go up

    • The unit rate stays the same for 12 months
    • 100% renewable electricity
    • Zero exit fees
    • We'll let you know when it's time to renew in your online account

    The Green One

    Uswitch Green Tariff Gold Standard

    Bring your home closer to carbon neutral and enjoy fixed prices

    • 100% renewable electricity
    • Carbon neutral gas
    • We'll plant 5 trees in the UK per fuel each year you're on this tariff
    • The Green One tariff has been accredited as Uswitch Green Tariff Gold Standard
    • The unit rate stays the same for the 12 months
    • Zero Exit Fees
    • We'll let you know when it's time to renew in your online account

    Standard Variable Tariff

    Your prices will change occasionally based on wholesale energy costs

    • Your price could go up or down, but we’ll always give you 30 days’ notice
    • Zero carbon electricity
    • Zero exit fees
    • You can switch to another tariff with us at any time – just contact us on webchat

    Tariff is not available to new customers. You’ll be on our Standard Variable Tariff if:

    • Your fixed tariff ended, and you didn’t agree a new tariff with us
    • You’ve moved into a home supplied by British Gas Evolve, and haven’t agreed a new tariff with us yet

    Zero carbon electricity as standard

    All our tariffs come with zero carbon electricity as standard which means we never use sources like coal that produce nasty emissions.

    For customers who agree a Fixed or Green tariff with us, you’ll get 100% of your electricity from renewable sources like wind or solar.

    See the breakdown of the fuel we use in our fuel mix.

    View our fuel mix

    Our terms and conditions outline the rules we follow when we supply gas and electricity to you.